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The New You ‘Health’ Category was created for members who have managed or overcome an illness, condition, injury or recovered from an operation through training. We would love to know if your training has improved your health and fitness and helped you live a more fulfilling life.

In 2011, NSW Police Officer Samantha Barlow won the ‘Health Category’ and went on to take home the “New You” Achievement Award for her miraculous comeback after a brutal attack on her way to work at Kings Cross Police Station in 2009.

After a vicious attack by a man wielding a brick, Samantha was robbed and left for dead. Her injuries were so severe (encompassing multiple skull fractures, fractured fingers, a total loss of smell and taste, severe vertigo and psychological trauma) she was placed in an induced coma for 12 days and was monitored in Intensive Care for a month.

Following her attack, doctors expressed grave concerns that she may never return to work or lead an active lifestyle again. Years of intensive rehab and therapy ensued and to further aid her recovery, Samantha turned to fitness.

Fast forward to 22 months later and Samantha was fitter than ever and ready to rejoin the police force. Thanks to the support of the team at Fitness First Cronulla, she has been able to participate in several prestigious athletic events. Samantha attributes her inspiring recovery to exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle.

"I have a renewed appreciation for the gift of life. I live for today and never take anything for granted - especially my health and fitness. People often tell me that when they are faced with something hard they think of me as an inspiration to overcome their problems, which is incredibly humbling, satisfying and the greatest compliment of all, she said."