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If your training has helped improve your sports performance or if you’ve found a passion for sport then you could be this years’ New You Award Winner under the ‘Sport’ Category. Or perhaps you’ve competed and excelled in a new sport or team activity as a result of your fitness level? If so, tell us about it.

Take Stephen Bock of Vaucluse NSW, for example – He was our ‘Sport’ Category New You Winner in our last round of awards. At age 40, Stephen was out of shape and almost 100kg when he was invited to join a Mount Everest climbing expedition in 2010.

At the time, Stephen was mired in two years of divorce proceedings and had lost a lot of personal confidence. "I was at rock bottom", he admitted at the time. Stephen had dreamed of climbing Mt Everest since childhood, so when his climbing friends made a "massive leap of faith" by offering him a place in their team, Stephen was determined not to disappoint them, or himself.

He immediately contacted Fitness First instructor Joe Bonington, who had an excellent reputation for training mountaineers. Stephen had just 10 months to prepare for the summit. Each morning, Stephen would get up at 3:50am and train for two hours before work.  Stephen worked six days a week and Sundays were reserved for 50km hiking sessions.

10 months later, Stephen weighed 83kg, was fitter than ever and on May 23, 2010 he became the 61st Australian to make it to the summit of Mt Everest. Following his outstanding accomplishment, Stephen imparted some inspirational words about his personal achievement:

"This experience has re-shaped and re-energised my life going forward. I guess I was an unlikely candidate but I learnt that your background and circumstances are not relevant. We can achieve anything in life - we just need to want it bad enough and have self-belief."

Once terrified of public speaking, Stephen now runs a public speaking business and travels Australia and New Zealand sharing his motivational story with others. Stephen’s epic journey was followed by a team of professional film makers and made into a documentary called “No. 61”, and is an excellent example of the infinite possibilities that living a healthy and active life can lead to.